Evasive Motorsports Honda S2000 – S2K V.2


Twelve years ago, the name Evasive Motorsports didn’t command the type of respect that it does now. Over a decade of race development based on countless track hours, a business that continues to progress incredibly quickly, and a loyal customer base that’s grown exponentially year after year has undoubtedly helped to foster their current status that goes well beyond the Honda aftermarket. Actually, some might argue that their successful campaign of a highly developed and competitive Scion FR-S that Evasive Motorsports built in-house was their breakthrough build. To the Honda community, however, the Evasive name was elevated to a household level prior to the Scion project using this type ofaround the cover of Honda Tuning. Working with Evasive Motorsports from your very beginning, the team had set the Street FR class record of 1: 56.7 after besting the former champ, a Supra that had produced a 1: 57.711. The achievement was remarkable, especially when it absolutely was revealed that the car’s powerplant had never been opened and sported mere bolt-on upgrades along with a healthy combination of aero and suspension tuning-both areas that thewith all the first S2000 really wasn’t much of a secret at all. research, Theory and development and testing had culminated in a potent performer that, aside from a few custom touches, was comprised almost entirely of parts you’d find about the inventory shelves of their Santa FeCalifornia and Springs, storefront. Having reached their initial goal of making the record, the next step was, of course, to advance and go even faster. Working in conjunction with HKS to aid develop their supercharger system for the United states market, they jumped in to the forced-induction realm and when all was done and said, they topped their own record having a 1: 53.9. The icing on the cake was an announcement that Hot Wheels ended up being to immortalize the car in die-cast form, and they even designed an additional red version from thea whole lot success by using a build? Not surprising, the Evasive Motorsports crew felt like something was missing not long after the blue car had been shipped to its new owner overseas, though mike Chang of Evasive Motorsports says, We felt we had accomplished all of our goals with the car, so it was put for sale and we moved on to the next project. It appears simple enough. We merely started to miss having a fast Honda S2000 around the shop, so we figured why not build another? The color this time around around is always to mimic the red version that Hot Wheels put out. We thought it would be cool to obtainthe idea of the V.2 build came about, Evasive relied on the attributes who had brought them this far, never veering away from the group’s theory of obtaining a proper balance. Mike says, We’re always about building cars that represent an entire package. Our focus has always been on aero, suspension, and chassis setup more than anything else. Not unlike the original build, V.2 starts with an AP2 chassis and internally stock F22C heart. The same HKS supercharger kit that Evasive helped develop is bolted on, as is an HKS header, and EVS Tuning 70-SSP exhaust system. It’s more than enough to push the roadster around the track at breakneck speeds, though power output comes in at under 350 whp, which, in today’s peak number drunk import community, doesn’t sound like much.ZE40s and Advan AD08R rubber lie Eibach R2 coilovers with ERS springs built specifically to Evasive specs. Standard Eibach S2000 sway bars, J’s Racing roll center adjusters, and Mugen bushings complete a suspension package that’s been proven on course over and over again. Together with the added go and side-to-side defense come crucial braking needs, that have been met by aa major player within the Evasive Motorsports formula, aero was addressed much like those of the first car, albeit a little more on the mild side. This car could be even more ‘street’ than Ken’s blue Honda S2000 as that one had a custom, chassis-mounted rear wing, and a flat belly tray, although mike adds, The setup and philosophy behind the aero is the same. This version is going to be strictly street style so far as aero goes. We wished to prove that you can build a really quick car through the use of nothing but off-the-shelf parts. Again, Voltex aero was utilized and includes Suzuka front bumper, Version 1 side steps, flares at all four corners, and a rear diffuser. Mounted to the carbon-fiber trunk is a Voltex Type 2 GT wing and K1 Laboratory duckbill. The entire car was then vinyl covered with red by Aerowerks in order to match the new Wheels variant.

It’s the performance on the right track that has people shaking their heads in disbelief, as effective as the car looks. Having already topped their old Street FR Class record with a 1: 53.6, Evasive has their sights set on a new record, this time in the Overall Street class that’s currently ruled by an Evo. Mike adds, We’re hoping the car will go even faster for Super Lap Battle 2014. The present Street Overall record is really a 1: 53.we’re and 068 gunning for the this year…

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